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AI in online casinos

Artificial Intelligence: The Game Changer for Online Casinos in India

As we stand on the brink of a digital revolution, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming industries far and wide. One such industry that’s witnessing a significant paradigm shift due to AI is online gambling. This article delves into the fascinating intersection of AI and online casinos, particularly focusing on the burgeoning market in India. From…
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indian no deposit bonuses

No Deposit Bonuses Are Changing the Face of Online Gambling in India

The online gambling market in India has been booming in recent years. More and more casinos are looking to profit from this trend, entering perhaps the fastest-growing iGaming market in the world at this moment in time. Of course, with so many operators competing for their place under the sun, it’s not easy to stand…
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Athens guide

Welcome to Athens, Greece! Athens is the capital and largest city of Greece, well known for its history and culture of 3,400 years. One of the world’s oldest cities, now stands as a modern metropolis and is the point of reference to the financial, political, industrial, and cultural life in Greece. Athens offers a warm…
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FIA2014 has started: Welcome and tips

Welcome to the Future Internet Assembly of 2014 in Athens. Access to the venue: Please check the directions provided by on how to reach the venue by public means of transport. Enter the venue (‘Megaron Athens International Conference Center’ or simply ‘Megaron’) via the main entrance of the smaller building on the left and…
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Press Release

Future Internet Assembly – FIA Athens 2014 Brings Together Key European Internet Stakeholders this March in Athens to  Reshape the Future Internet Infrastructure for Innovation Athens welcomes the annual Future Internet Assembly conference at Megaron Athens International Conference Center on 18-20 March, where more than 400 European Internet scientific and economic actors, researchers, industrialists, SMEs,…
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Welcome to FIA Athens 2014!

Welcome to the Future Internet Assembly (FIA) Athens 2014! This year FIA focuses on reshaping the Future Internet infrastructure for innovation, and more specifically, on the formulation of the new Internet technological landscape based on network/cloud integration & virtualisation SDN/NFV and innovative software, services and cloud technologies that enable application innovation.


FIA Athens 2014 is co-organised by the Greek Research and Technology Network. The Greek Research and Technology Network (GRNET S.A., is a state-owned company, operating under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Education – General Secretariat for Research and Technology. Its mission is to provide high-quality Infrastructure and services to the academic, research…
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FIA Athens 2014 will be held at the Megaron Athens International Conference Centre (MAICC), one of the finest and most technologically advanced conference venues in Europe. Situated in the city centre yet surrounded by its own extensive landscaped gardens, Megaron offers a stunning environment, exceptional aesthetics, cutting edge technology and unrivalled client service. Find more…
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